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By Peter Hoskins
BBC News, Singapore

Mr Oh outside the shelter he lived in for 30 years

Singapore is known for being one of the world’s most highly urbanised countries, with no lack of gleaming skyscrapers and luxury apartments. But for one man, that couldn’t be further from the place he called home – a makeshift shelter in one of the country’s forests.

On meeting Oh Go Seng the first thing that strikes you is the glint in his eye.

He wears his 79 years very lightly, looking in far better shape than many people half his age.

Earlier this month, the story of Mr Oh living in a forest went viral in Singapore – with many across the country reacting with shock.

Some questioned why more help had not been given to him – and even more curiously, how he had managed to live this life unnoticed for 30 years. Read more: